Techniques and developments

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Accounting for colors and materials.
Contrary to conventional colorization procedures, which are based on area tinting and often produce artificial and unrealistic colors, ImaginColor has developed a unique process, in which natural textures are applied to reveal all the color hues visible on real-life materials such as wood or metal, clothing or landscapes. We have designed and developed multiple techniques and software applications to enhance skins, faces, fire effects, smoke and fog, sunsets, reflections etc.

Colors true to each film’s nature, to faithfully recreate periods in time.
Extensive studies have been carried out to assess how the colors of many film reels from different periods in time have aged; this in turn enables us to faithfully recreate time-related color alterations. Viewers can therefore identify periods at which different images were filmed.

A colorization process based on historical images.
To precisely match our colors with historical colors, we use a database comprising over 50,000 original color images, enabling us to deliver highly realistic results.
We also collaborate with many specialized historians to validate our color choices.


Recent developments


EasyColor, the first colorization control surface.
Similar to a color-grading control surface, EasyColor provides instant access to all color parameters.
The system offers direct control over all colorization-specific features that we have developed.
It can also immediately restore colors and parameters from our image database, which contains over 50,000 historical color images.

4K and Ultra HD. 4K Ultra HD logo
Six workstations, upgraded to 4K and UltraHD, offer enhanced precision and drastically reduce definition losses when cropping images.

Continuously evolving software.
Our software is constantly being improved to deliver superior motion tracking, outline processing and image rendering, based on the latest shape and texture recognition algorithms.