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Founded in Paris by François Montpellier, ImaginColor is a company that has specialized in colorization for the cinema and television industries for over 15 years.

Our unique process enables us to recreate highly natural colors that truly respect the quality of archive images, by applying textures to provide both relief and depth. For us, colorization is a way of revealing images under new light which, like new lighting, produces a more comprehensible, sensitive and therefore more efficient image.

  • Over 60 colorized movies in France and abroad, in collaboration with ZDF in Germany or NHK in Japan, among others.
  • Coloring of “Apocalypse”, the most watched historic series in the world.
  • Use of cutting-edge technology and constantly evolving techniques, based on the latest algorithms.
  • In-depth research aims to recreate the most accurate colors, down to the slightest details, in collaboration with many historians.

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